Lean laboratory and Process throughput management

Our team perform comprehensive assessment of Throughput of Quality function & Manufacturing operation and Process mapping of Quality Control & Microbiology laboratories based on Lean concept. Such in-depth evaluation enables the Organization to acquaint with the inherent lacuna as a result of decades of conventional routine operation with respect to team work, managerial aptitude, attrition rate, skill & competency gap, process overdoing, machine downtime, system complexity & constrains, etc and stimulate the Organization to sustain the growth and business dynamic. Such exercise deep dive through tailor made protocol, appropriate to your need, that mitigate the business risk. We offer hand-holding support of Gemba walk, shop floor training and close monitoring to your team, following 6M and 5S, to set right the most optimal regime for progressive development.

The salient steps for lean laboratory and process throughput optimization involves, but not limited to:

.   In-depth assessment of functional role, system, process, administrative control, and historical data;

.   Process mapping of manufacturing, quality and testing with respect to planning, execution, controlling, end-result and monitoring;

.   Finding of inherent operational inertia, system complexity, personal prejudice obligatory to team spirit;

.   Finding out the attrition rate, skill & competency gap, process overdoing, machine downtime, constrains, etc.

.   Evaluate the ergonomics of equipment, linked activities/ process, ease of work, safety concern;

.   Identify the effectiveness of P-D-C-A cycle, co-ordination and communication end-to-end;

.   Initiatives to simplify process and deliver execution certainty following risk mitigation steps;

.   Role card, daily report, Gemba walk, shop floor training to eliminate repetitive activity/ loses and identify mitigation initiatives.