Operational Excellence and Quality Culture:

We consistently work on your Operational Excellence and Quality Culture models targeted and sustainable in laddering excellence of the Organization, with customer and patient centric focuses. Our endeavour is to integrate the cultural awareness of quality, its importance to the business, stake holding by senior management and the employees as custodian of quality environment which fosters a customer oriented culture and the deliverable of quality indicators in everyday business operations. 

Operational Excellence – finding the System Inertia & bench marking Quality enhancers step by step:

.   Foundational: building capability at Project & Process portfolio management;

.  Continuity: building organization, sustaining progress, benchmark reality;

.  Transformational: focus on the OE, BRA, QbD tools and quality culture;

.   Identifying the pillars, performance indicators, AQL and methodology those insight the quality excellences.

Quality Culture:

.   Culture of Organization for a Mindset to ‘Patient-centric’ and ‘Customer-centric;

.   Recognizing a Culture of Quality and Transformation;

.   Paradigm shift - Quality being the concern of the Quality Unit to “Quality is Everyone’s Business”;

.   Boosting “Quality being Opaque to Transparent to Visible”;

.   Facilitating the changes, emotional transition, mind-set of the Key pillars;

.   Laddering beyond a Quality Culture in a time bound manner.